How the 8-Week Challenge works

Step 1

Purchase the BioKodeLab 8-Week Challenge bundle below or on any of our product pages:

Step 2

Complete the BioKode Assessment Lab test – it’s like a personality test for your brain. The 25-minute assessment measures your cognitive ability across 9 areas, and your results are ranked compared to other users. You will be emailed a link to the start the assessment.

Step 3

Take BioKodeLab daily for 8 weeks. You’ll receive weekly emails with tips along the way to help keep you on track.

Step 4

After the 8 weeks, complete the BioKode Assessment Lab test again to measure your before and after cognitive results.

"Being in the 8 week challenge held me to account in taking it which has helped form a habit to keep taking it. Enjoyed taking the tests and comparing the results from the test before I took and after the 8 weeks. The graph is awesome!"
– Rebekah

"My sleep patterns have changed for the better, I am having longer periods of peaceful sleep."
- Viji

"The assessment was really interesting! As someone who plays video games in my spare time, I am personally interested to see how BioKodeLab can support my focus."
- Jonathan

The BioKode Assessment Lab

The BioKode Assessment Lab test has been developed by Millisecond a leading provider of software for psychological testing. The same technology used by BioKodeLab is used by leading universities, research institutions and corporations throughout the world.

The 9 cognitive areas the BioKode Assessment Lab measures include:
Your ability to tell where objects are in space including the ability to tell how far objects are from you and from each other.
The process of working out the speed and direction of elements in a scene.
The length of time it takes you to respond to something that is happening.
Your ability to perceive and adjust your location in space in relation to objects in the external environment.
Your ability to temporarily hold information available for processing, allowing you to reason, make decisions and decide to behave in a certain way.
Your ability to interpret the surrounding environment.
The speed with which you can understand and react to the information you receive.
Your ability to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully.
Your ability to detect and respond to rapid changes in the environment which is testing the relationship between cognitive functions and physical movements.