Cognitive & Immune Health Supplements

Support for modern day brain performance.

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Put your brain to the test

Take the BioKodeLab 8-Week Challenge to measure your before and after cognitive results over just 8 weeks. Designed to help you unleash your peak brain performance.

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Science first

Developed by scientists at one of the world’s leaders in dairy innovation and nutrition, comes a supplement system designed to support modern day brain performance.

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Focus Plus

Brain nutrients to support alertness and mental clarity, with a blue light filter.

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Calm Plus

The supplement to support your mood and stress response, with a blue light filter.

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Probiotic Plus

Extensively researched probiotic strains for digestion and immune health, with a blue light filter.

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The importance of blocking blue light

The world is changing at the speed of light; faster, busier, and always something new to master and maximise what we’re doing. We’re more “switched on” to our screens than switched off. It’s where life is lived today.

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